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Magnetic Pig Tracking & Location River Crossing / Inland Waterway Inspections

Our magnetic tracking pigs and detection equipment have been used in pipeline systems around the world since 1970.

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                                    IntroductionCheck out our Piggy Primer for those who want to know more about Pigs and finding them.

We have inspected over 1400 river crossings during the last 30 years ranging from small creeks to some of the major rivers in the world.

       ARiver software 
    Onboard boat

Satellite communications

  Using the Orbcomm Satellite System to provide near real time cathodic protection, tank
  & pipeline measurement, pig passage indication, and SCADA enhancements anywhere
  in the world.


Case study from Orbcomm As a result of extensive field services combined with research, StarTrak is able to present a line of Satellite communicator products which will bring a new technical dimension to the pipeline industry.

WatchDog Pipeline Monitoring System:
Monitor your pipeline remote assets from your desktop!
Monitor sensors, pigs, pipeline voltages.
Alarms by Schedule, alarm events or Polled.

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          Sky 1500

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