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  "Crew Monitoring Waterway"
  Inland Waterway Inspection Services, LLC. is dedicated to provide its clients  with an accurate
   electronic method of conducting DOT requirements for five year Navigable Waterway
   Inspections. River crossing pipelines to 7,000 ft. width at a depth of 130-ft,
   can be located, profiled and surveyed to determine  extent of cover at <15-ft intervals.  
  •        Inland’s  “One Pass”  Electronic System.
  •        Trimble Geographic Positioning System (RTK)
  •        Survey Depth Sounder.
  •        Side Imaging Sonar System.
  •        On site Computation and Drafting System. 
 This is the most comprehensive operation of its kind for:


Inland can turn around emergency inspections with enough information in the drawings to satisfy most client and governmental agenies requirements within 6 hrs after field work is complete. This is normally 2 "runs" over the waterway and initial draft drawing. Full requirements and Quality Control can then be fulfilled after the emergency has passed.

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