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List of Advantages:

  • Complete pipeline profile from a point of normal cover on one bank of the river to normal cover on the opposite bank.
  • Positive pipeline identification and profiling of the specific pipeline desired to be profiled. There is no assurance that divers can provide this information utilizing probe bars at multiple parallel crossings in zero visibility.
  • The "One Pass" system is unaffected by river bottom currents and inspection can be conducted generally under more severe conditions than diver type surveys.
  • Fast and reliable, field operations are generally complete in less than 2 days for crossings under 3000 ft.( 950m.) Depending on clients requirements.
  • Accurate plan and profile of pipelines and cables, regardless of the depth of cover. Depths of cover can be determined to approximately 130 feet. The "One Pass" system is currently the only reliable survey method capable of inspecting drilled crossings.
  • No Pig needed. Location of coating defects or holidays can be ascertained.
  • With accurate records of the pipeline plan and profile, results of future inspections can be compared to previous records to ascertain:
 -      Level of potential risk damage to the pipeline as a result of bottom erosion trends which
         may to suspended pipeline spans.

 -      Identification of areas where pipelines have shifted in position due to unstable river
        bottom soils.
 -      More accurate estimation of the cost of pipeline repairs.

  • Cad (AutoCad) drawings are made available to the client shortly after completion of field survey work. Often results can be drawn up overnight in critical situations.
  • Drawings are tailored to the clients needs and and requirements. The clients title block and style is used when available.
  • The system can be utilized from an inflatable craft on smaller crossings.
  •   Air transportable, allowing crews to provide rapid response to critical situations.
  • Emergency Operations:
IWIS can turn around emergency inspections with enough information in the drawings to satisfy most client and governmental agenies requirements within 6 hrs after field work is complete. This is normally 2 "runs" over the waterway and minimal QC. Full requirements and Quality Control can then be fulfilled after the emergency has passed.


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