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Neches River

Sometime in 1976, key personnel from StarTrak were asked to provide plan and profile information on a pipeline crossing the Neches River. Using the latest technology of the day, a shrimp boat to carry all the equipment, we never saw an indication of the pipeline.
Fast forward to 2003, this exact same crossing took 10 hrs to completely inspect using StarTrak's latest technology. Plan and profile drawings were completed next day.

In 2003 StarTrak was asked to Inspect 9 pipelines at 2 locations in Mississippi and Alabama, location 1 had 2 lines crossing a 700 ft wide river while the other location had 7 pipelines crossing a 600ft wide river.
Including travel time it took StarTrak personnel 8 days from leaving our office till our return upon completion.

           Houston Ship Channel.

November of 1997, StarTrak was contracted to perform a hazard type survey for Paragon Engineering Services on behalf of Arco and Bayer. 

Required was to locate all services in a proposed R.O.W. (Right of Way) for a newly designed pipeline system. The operation started at the West Side water's edge of San Jacinto Bay, the survey incorporated Spillman’s Island, The Houston Ship Channel and Tabbs Bay. 

Services to be located and accurately profiled were pipelines running adjacent to the proposed R.O.W. also all of the foreign lines which crossed the proposed R.O.W. 

The survey was conducted by StarTrak technical field personnel using their unique "One-Pass" Marine survey system which accurately defined both horizontal and vertical coordinates, simultaneously captivating geographical survey information (DGPS) 

Spillman’s Island provided a challenge as it is made up of spoil from the Houston Ship Channel. It was not possible to stand on the spoil or use an all terrain vehicle. This operation was conducted from an air boat, when winds and weather permitted. 

An unknown line was located and traced through 13m. (40 ft). of overburden. 

The entire operation was completed, including drawings prior to the Christmas break to the delight of all three clients evolved in this portion of the operation. 

This is but one of many StarTrak success stories of around the world pipeline services and troubleshooting

S.P.A. (China) Commissions River Crossing Survey System.

Sichuan Petroleum Authority (SPA) of the Peoples Republic of China has purchased a complete set of StarTrak's "One-Pass" Automatic River Crossing Survey System. 

The system has been recently commissioned in Chengdu, Sichuan Province with eight engineers being trained in the art of marine surveying and CAD drafting. 

Whilst in Sichuan, P.R.C., surveys on the Yangtze and Zonghe Rivers were completed. 

On the Yangtze River a major cathodic problem was located, identified and verified. Both sets of data have been verified by and accepted by S.P.A.

S.P.A. was very pleased with both the results and equipment.

Since 2011 StarTrak has sold 4 other systems and all are working.

StarTrak also has been commissioned to inspect another 30 pipeline crossings.

The San Jacinto River Incident 1994

    In October 1994, torrential rains in the Houston area caused the San Jacinto River to change course just north of Interstate 10. This left a sub-division of houses stranded on an island, and several pipelines spanning the new river channel.

Unfortunately, a 40" major products pipeline severed sending 1000's of barrels of product into the river.  This caused the authorities to close down flow on any pipeline  crossing the San Jacinto river in that area.

StarTrak's crews were finishing up a project in Alberta. Due to the necessity of getting the pipelines crossing the San Jacinto River operational, StarTrak crews flew home and were able to certify 6 pipelines safe for operations before any competitor was able to start work.


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