System Description

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                "Monitoring China River"                                       "One Pass System Receiver"
  The "One-pass" system is a highly accurate pipeline detection method used to determine both the horizontal
 and vertical coordinates of a pipeline or cable. The pipeline or cable is electromagnetically energized with a
 low frequency AC current at cathodic protection test leads points on each side of the
pipeline crossing. A
is calibrated at known pipe depths (probed) near the river banks.
 The receiver is mated with the on board computer running ARiver software to automatically capture pipeline
depth down to 40 meters (130 ft), water depth, together with Differential Global Positioning System (DGPS) in
each pass over the pipeline. At specified intervals, the pipe readings, water depth and DGPS readings are
automatically stored into the "One-Pass" memory system allowing a contour survey of the river bed above and
 in the areas surrounding the pipeline. 
The ARiver software gathers the necessary field data, compiles the results of the data and translates into a
DXF format made available in a variety of popular formats.

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