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Pipeline Pigging Experience

  40 years of magnetic pig tracking and locating experience. 

We started on  British Gas pipelines, Mainline Pipeline and Forties Field Pipeline System (54 dents and ovalities found)  in the U.K.

The experiences listed below are only a few samples of the jobs completed.


Recently StarTrak has just completed pigging 650 miles of a 30" pipeline from Kome, Chad Africa to Kribi, Cameroon Africa for Exxon Mobile. The Pigging was done for the fill process of oil into the pipeline. StarTrak was chosen for the job for its vast expertise in pigging. The fill process had to be done in such a way that Exxon knew where the pigs were at all times because of the rough terrain and a very drastic drop in the pipeline. The pigs were tracked 24hrs a day and satellite monitoring stations were set at predetermined places along the pipeline that sent data back to the main control center in Kome. The job took 2 months to complete and was completed successfully.
Check out pictures from the Africa job.

StarTrak was called in by a client to locate a lost pig in a 12" pipeline north of Houston. An Inspection pig had been lost for two days and two other companies had failed to locate the pig. 
After arriving at site and finding at least thirty (30) personnel standing around,  a "Pathfinder" pig, was launched. It took twenty-two (22) minutes to locate the obstruction. 

    Later, on the same pipeline, but a 14" line section, after poly pigs were lost, StarTrak tracked a pig to a section which contained ~1500' of 16" pipe. It took less than a hour, the time to walk the area in question, to locate the pig.

    On return from Africa StarTrak was contacted by Tampa Bay Port Authority to survey an extremely deep pipeline across its bay.The port authority had several other companies that could not complete the job due to the depth of the pipeline. StarTrak was called in and the job was completed in 5 days

    Our past performances include a pig which was lost, offshore, for over one year. Others tried to locate the pig during this period which cost the client $1.2M.
    When StarTrak personnel were eventually brought in, the pig and obstruction was located in three operational days from the surface, 49 miles offshore Louisiana. 

    We were also called in to solve a problem when an inspection pig was lost in Lake Lugano, Switzerland. This obstruction was causing a severe loss of  flow in a critical gas pipeline serving the Lugano area. The lost pig was freed by the magnetic pig and brought "home" without further loss of service.

Pipeline Leak Detection:
    StarTrak personnel have found many leaks in pipelines during hydrostatic test situations. 

    One such operation was a very small leak was discovered at approximately 1200 psi. ( with 40 psi. drop per hour) in a 12" offshore pipeline.

    To locate the leak, a StarTrak magnetic pig with special seals was introduced to the pipeline. Using the pig as a movable plug, the leak was easily located within a few feet.

When the pipeline was brought to the surface the leak was found within the suspect area.

    The trick is to know the precise position of the pig, and any pig movement. The pressure across the pig can equalize if the pig moves toward the leak (or even flex on the cups/disks) , but this can been seen with a StarTrak gradiometer monitoring the pig.

    Depending on the leak rate, the leak direction at each location can be determined with a 20 minute test after pressurization and settling time.

    Multiple Leaks can also be found using this method by elimination.

Temperature Acquisition Pigs:

    A client, with a deep water multiple pipeline system inside an insulated casing to a well head, needed to evaluate the effectiveness of insulation. 

    StarTrak was contracted to design and supply 7 off  3" temperature monitoring pigs with internal back-up. 

    These pigs incorporated temperature probes and solid state memory to capture 3600 temperature readings at the rate of one reading per minute. 

    The pigs were run at intervals of one pig per mile. The pigs were stopped so the pigs were evenly spaced throughout the 8 mile pipeline. Water at different temperatures was pumped through a parallel pipe over a 48 hour period. 

    After the pigs were retrieved and downloaded, the client was able to determine the effectiveness of the insulation and determine the temperature of water to be pumped into the system to deter the possible future formation of wax.  

We have also successfully completed many other projects like these. 

We have always been the last pig location team our clients have needed

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